Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Change is good. Change is good. Change is good. You say it to yourself over and over as your stomach engages in an acrobatic performance to rival those of a professional gymnast.

You can’t help but think about all the people who have lost or are losing their jobs not by choice but by company necessity, who must pack their boxes and leave behind work and wages they desperately need. Is it really wise to just walk away from it all? Are you crazy?

Yes. No.

This is what you want to do. This is what you need to do for your happiness, your sanity. You have thought long and hard. It’s time for change.

Change is good.

Still, it doesn’t calm your stomach as it flips and flops.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hello. And welcome to my very first post on my new blog, Julie Tries Writing. Whether you came here by way of my other blog, Julie Tries, my website, Julie Collins Writes, or stumbled upon it in some other way, thank you for visiting!

Who am I? An intrepid writer about to embark on the quest to become a full-time freelance writer and editor (while moonlighting as a full-time graduate student, no less). Why should you care? Because, should you visit this site occasionally (or, hopefully, regularly), you’ll learn all about the challenges of becoming the “f word,” in real time, as I do. (Don’t worry, it won’t be all first-person rambling. I plan to throw in a heavy dose of advice from myself and seasoned pros to boot, in case you’re already mired in freelancing or are considering hopping into the same boat I’m in.)

You’ll also find insights into the minds of editors and others looking to hire freelancers, ideas from successful writers who have done things right (and learned a thing or two from when they didn’t), and a bit of inspiration for good measure.

Freelance writing isn’t an easy journey. But it’s one that, I have no doubt, I can succeed at—it’s just going to take a whole lot of dedication, a hearty dose of perseverance, some patience, and maybe even a bit of luck.

Who’s with me?